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AFB, LLC is a company that puts you and your patients first and foremost. We conduct our services in a courteous, ambitious and professional manner with enthusiasm, compassion and a great deal of determination. Therefore aiming to prevail in all aspects of the medical billing spectrum. We care about the people we work for and with, and want our reputation to surpass the rest! We specialize in medical billing for all practices big or small so that medical professionals can focus on their patients.

We are a flexible company that can tailor our services according to our clients’ needs; we learn your systems. Moreover, our clients do not have to change their medical electronic software. Here at AFB we do not outsource any work to companies outside of the USA. We base our fees on what is collected and not on what is billed. Therefore, our goal to collect outstanding balances is incentivized in a way that a flat-fee service is not.

Our mission is to guide your medical practice with compassion, leadership, and knowledge to accommodate your needs. We care for your practice, patients and for the long hours you dedicate to both. Running a medical practice means more than just patient care; there are also administrative tasks that need to be realized. At AFB in Deleon Springs, Florida, we make sure that the health care providers we serve are paid accurately for their services.

To learn how we can help your business today contact us for more information.

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